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Classroom Redesign

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  1. Classroom Redesign | Classroom Redesign Challenge! Think Like a Designer

    For those of us who love to see spaces transformed, this series of videos and articles called Remake Your Classroom hits the spot. The crew at Edutopia teamed up with Third Teacher + to re-imagine a middle-school classroom with 36 kids.

  2. Classroom Redesign | To Foster Productivity and Creativity in Class, Ditch the Desks!

    When elementary school teacher Erin Klein sat in one of her students' desks last year, she noticed a few things about her classroom space. For one, the room itself was long and narrow, and the space was awkward. Large, clunky student desks crowded the classroom.

  3. Classroom Redesign | NoTosh - Creating Space for Innovation
    Negotiating the Three Horizons
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