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Best Hollywood Awning Jumps

Jumping onto awnings. It’s a typical action movie stunt. It puts viewers in suspense as they watch the hero fall down, down, down only to be miraculously saved by awnings. This feat might not be realistic for people in Utah, but the stunt actors in movies have got it down. Here is a list of the best stunt jumps onto awnings in movies.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Jul 29, 2013
Best Hollywood Awning Jumps | Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

In this movie, Harrison Ford is the adventurous Indiana Jones. “Indy” has many stunts throughout the movie, but the jump through and onto the awnings really takes the cake. Indy and Willie are trying to escape the Obi Wan Nightclub. They jump out of a window and crash through several awnings that eventually break their fall. You don’t see a club exit like that in Utah every day. Or ever.


Project A

Jul 29, 2013
Best Hollywood Awning Jumps | Project A

Jackie Chan is no stranger to near impossible stunts and circumstances. In the movie Project A, written and directed by Chan himself, the biggest stunt is to pay homage to a 1923 film where actor dangles from the hands of a giant clock tower. Chan’s version of the stunt involved shooting his pursuer in the head and then falling three stories through two awnings and surviving the landing. Possibly one of the most unnecessary stunts in movie history, but a stunt nonetheless. The craziest thing about this scene was that Chan wasn’t satisfied with the first take, so he did it again. He fell through awnings twice! Not only will you not find many clock towers in Utah to hang from, you probably wont find anyone crazy enough to hang from it twice.



Jul 29, 2013
Best Hollywood Awning Jumps | Aladdin

Ok, so it’s not a real stunt, but Disney movies should always count, especially animated ones. In Aladdin, the “street rat” meets and falls in love with the princess. When they are trying to escape the guards, they run and jump through endless windows and rooftops. Finally, they find themselves jumping down and onto the awning of a poor shopkeeper of the fictional city, Agrabah. In the end, they do get caught, but that jump made Princess Jasmine trust him enough to eventually love him.

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