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Headline for Women In Business Buzz, 03.01.13 to 03.15.13
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Women In Business Buzz, 03.01.13 to 03.15.13

News, articles, and blog posts of interest to Women in Business, for the first half of March 2013.

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  1. Presidential Innovation Fellows | The White House

    Deadline March 17 - "The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program pairs top innovators from the private sector, non-profits, and academia with top innovators in government to collaborate during focused 6-12 month “tours of duty” to develop solutions that can save lives, save taxpayer money, and fuel job creation."

  2. Sexism In Tech: We’re Not Making It Up | Overit Blog

    "In January, aimClear started a discussion about why females don’t speak at conferences. I’m not sure what answer Marty was expecting, but I have to wonder if it was the one he got. Was he surprised by the comments from women saying they don’t attend because they don’t feel safe, because they’ve been yelled at, or because they’ve felt uncomfortable?"

  3. About Voices Global Conference - Global Tech Women

    On International Women’s Day, March 8th 2013 technical women from around the globe will convene virtually and in-person over a 24-hour period. Find out how to participate.

  4. I Am...Ending Violence | Yo Soy...Acabando Con La Violencia | Facebook

    "Join the more than 80 individuals, media outlets, and international and local organizations that have signed on to this campaign as we raise awareness about global gender-based violence and how ordinary citizens are making change."

  5. Listening for Social Change | World Pulse

    Deadline: March 19. "World Pulse is seeking volunteers for our upcoming Voices of Our Future Application and our Digital Action Campaign.

    By signing up to become a Listener, you are helping to lift and unite grassroots women leaders voices to accelerate their impact for the world."

  6. Makers: Women Who Make America Documentary Debuts Feb. 26 #MakersWomen | Techmamas - Curating the Best of Tech and So...

    Check your PBS listings for when "MAKERS: Women Who Make America" comes back on. Read this post to find out why you can't wait to see it.

  7. Money matters: why women founders struggle in Silicon Valley | The Verge

    Once again - sexism is real. No one thinks it's all or even most men, but the ones that are blocking the doors aren't kidding around.

    "At every turn, Minshew found herself confronted by the unavoidable fact that she was a woman and, like so many of her fellow female founders, had to overcome additional obstacles to raise money."

  8. Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Join Us On NO MORE Day!

    The first official "No More" Day is 03.13.13.

  9. Women face celluloid ceiling in U.S. film industry, study finds| Reuters

    This was published back in January. But it led to a great discussion in our private backchannel group.

    "Women lag far behind men in reaching the top jobs in the film business as a study on Tuesday found only 9 percent of directors of the top 250 grossing Hollywood films in 2012 were women"

  10. Northeast - Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

    Community member Susan Kuhn will explain “How Social Technologies are Changing Our World – and Changing Us.” - as the keynote speaker! Congratulations Susan

  11. The internet is the wild west and there are no-good varmits at the gates |

    Contribution from our #wgbiz family member, Ann Bevans, whose case study from Hot Mommas Project is going to appear in a textbook! Congratulations Ann!

  12. The real reason small business owners aren't getting loans - AGBeat

    AGBEAT is run by community member and #wgbiz contributor Lani Rosales. This article is by a lady named Destiny Bennett.

    "There is a tragic catch-22 going on today wherein bank requirements work against small business owners, resulting in higher rates and loan insurance amounts."

  13. D.C. Ranked as One of The Best Cities in the Country For Female Entrepreneurs | InTheCapital

    Article is by friend of the #wgbiz community, Carl Pierre

  14. First lady of Formula 1 takes control of the track - CNN.com

    "When the new Formula 1 season gets underway in March, for the first time there will be a woman running a team's entire operations from track to boardroom." By our friends at CNN Leading Women.

  15. 3rd Girl Geek Brunch at SXSW 2013 - Eventbrite

    [Know a woman coming to SXSW? Help us and invite them here or to the facebook event!]

  16. Women Deserve Paycheck Fairness

    Help give women the paycheck protections they deserve.

  17. Why Gender Equality Stalled - NYTimes.com

    Betty Friedan prompted a revolution in attitudes. But our system still favors old stereotypes.

  18. YWCA Women of Distinction Awards - YWCA Metro Vancouver

    YWCA Metro Vancouvers Premier Fundraising Event

  19. Networking for Introverts (Really!)

    The women of Connect: Professional Women's Network share advice on how to work a room — even when you're the shyest person in it. Visit www.linkedin.com/women

  20. Small Business Forum Offers Free Live Marketing Help in Louisiana - #smb

    Want some live, in-person help with your web marketing? Well if you’ll be near Lafayette, Louisiana on March 21, you’re in luck. Web.com will be continuing its Small Business Forum live event series with Lafayette as the first stop on the

  21. Summary of Our Women Business Owner Chat w @NAWBONational & @webdotcom

    Record breaking chat on the state of women owned businesses. Roseann Duran, the Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of Web.com and Diane Tomb, President and CEO of the National Association of Women.

  22. 5 Things to Know About Women's History Month - Women Grow Business

    Happy Women’s History Month! Here's what you need to know.