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This is a list of white label, customized, papers on the newsstand. To get started you'll need a to configure a custom url. After that you can modify your paper from header to footer. Check my CSS list.ly for most popular code changes. If you have a custom domain Paper.li, help me grow this list by placing yours on it.

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  1. 1. eFRAME.co.uk - News & Views

    eFRAME.co.uk - News & Views

    The eFrame.co-uk news is a treat! Designed to be super-informative on all things related to home decor, photography, art and framing it is holding up to its claim. Great clean look and feel - two thumbs up for great presentation!

  2. 2. The Freethinker Post

    The Freethinker Post

    The Freethinker Post, by Dorian Staten boasts a clean design and a nice custom header with integrated social sharing icons. Sweet!

  3. 3. Mod Scene Weekly

    Mod Scene Weekly

    Mod Scene Weekly, all the best mod-related news, articles, blog posts, videos and photos around the mod-scene. Published by Stephen at the http://modsceneweekly.com/
    Note: this paper rocks!

  4. 4. art & design matters

    art & design matters

    art & design matters, by Art & Design Matters: Museums | Design | Art | Mid Century | Antiques | Auctions | Architecture | Events | Exhibits

    One of the best art & design papers on the newsstand!



    Daily Drip For Lacquer Lovers! Published by NPN Media

  6. 6. The CrowdBrewed Press

    The CrowdBrewed Press

    The CrowdBrewed Press, crowdfunding the Craft Beer industry. Published by by Craft @CrowdBrewed

  7. 7. The WindMiner's Inquiry

    The WindMiner's Inquiry

    The WindMiner's Inquiry: interrogating the strategies, tactics, theories, and trends in communicating and collaborating digitally by Joseph Dennis Kelly

  8. 8. The Tango weekly

    The Tango weekly

    Put a little Tango in your life with the Tango.me weekly!

  9. 9. #WildStar Online Web News

    #WildStar Online Web News

    WildStar Online Web News, by Mr Fester

  10. 10. Know Your Bees

    Know Your Bees

    No birds, all bees -- this Hive Tracks publication is the "best of" beekeeping news on the net. by Jeff Easyfish

  11. 11. The SCN Social Daily

    The SCN Social Daily

    The SCN Social Daily, a round up off all the best news by SAP VP/COO of the SAP Community Network, Chip Rodgers

  12. 12. The CompozMe Daily

    The CompozMe Daily

    Latest headlines in arts, entertainment, business and technology: Brought to you by COMPOZ.me

  13. 13. Edinburgh Tribune

    Edinburgh Tribune

    Edinburgh Tribune, by easyHotel Edinburgh: News, views, reviews and stories on events, festivals, art & entertainment, leisure and politics...

  14. 14. Medical Healthcare Matters Digest

    Medical Healthcare Matters Digest

    Medical Healthcare Matters Digest, by MedHealth Editor: News on Medical Devices & Healthcare Services that Move Health Forward... Updated Daily online, & to your eMail Weekly | MedicalHealthcareMatters.com

  15. 15. A Preppers Perspective

    A Preppers Perspective

    A Preppers Perspective, by Ron Foster: Prepper Fiction And Facts In The Media

  16. 16. The @KatieCouric Daily

    The @KatieCouric Daily

    The @KatieCouric Daily, curating what Katie and her team is reading and tweeting.
    All news and articles curated by @KatieCouric and the @KatieShow.

  17. 17. SIM


    SIM. Volleyball Connects the World, this paper brings you the news.

    Published by SIMGRATTON

  18. 18. Int. Dev. Communities TODAY

    Int. Dev. Communities TODAY

    A community of International Development organizations and professionals.

  19. 19. Port Charles Press

    Port Charles Press

    All the latest news around one of the nation's most loved daytime soap operas, General Hospital.

    The Port Charles Press, by Scotia Draven.

  20. 20. Global Education Times

    Global Education Times

    GET Global Education News in your Mailbox, by GESN

  21. 21. Door & More

    Door & More

    Top Entry, Exterior, French and Interior Doors & More... at Door & More you will find your Door! by US Door & More Inc

  22. 22. The Nature Chronicles

    The Nature Chronicles

    Bonus paper! The Nature Chronicles, by Iskander Pols. (This is our co-founders paper and we experiment with customizations here ....)

  23. 23. Ruby Daily Newspaper

    Ruby Daily Newspaper

    Ruby Daily Newspaper. Everyday news from (and about) ruby community and development, by Nick Kugaevsky

  24. 24. BlackBerry Daily

    BlackBerry Daily

    The best BlackBerry news all in one place, by Steven Kader

  25. 25. Top Family Travel Blogs

    Top Family Travel Blogs

    Top Family Travel Blogs, by Boyinks4Adventure: News from families traveling the USA fulltime by RV