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Headline for Remembering Edward I. Koch: Mayor of New York, 1978-1989
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Remembering Edward I. Koch: Mayor of New York, 1978-1989

City Limits covered Ed Koch's three terms in office, during some of New York City's most difficult years. This List.Ly features reporting on Koch's policies and politics, and two original columns he published with City Limits.

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  1. June 1989: In His Own Words: Ed Koch on Housing and Homelessness - CityLimits.org

    In June 1989, Ed Koch weighed-in on the city's housing crisis as an incumbent facing off against a crowded field of mayoral challengers.

  2. February 1988: Double Jeopardy: Facing AIDS & Homelessness

    Beverly Cheuvront writes about the Koch Administration's overwhelming challenge to address the growing AIDS and homelessness problem.

  3. February 1983: Politics vs. Healthcare: The Closure of Sydenham Hospital

    Ed Koch Administration and the controversial closure of Harlem's Syndenham

  4. May 1987: Questions Go Begging in Koch's Homeless Shelter Plan

    City Limits reports on the Koch administration's $100 million plan to build 20 homeless shelters in 1987.

  5. October 1984: Tax Breaks by Check-Off

    Annette Fuentes on Mayor Koch's automatic tax incentives for big business and industry.

  6. March 1985: The Mayor's Proposals

    Tom Robbins 1985 analysis on the first major housing and development proposals of Mayor Koch's eight years in office.

  7. November 1985: If You're Thinking of Living in a Trailer

    Annette Fuentes on Mayor Koch's trailer park plan for a select group of homeless families in New York City.

  8. March 1984: Lower Manhattan Tenants fight to legitimize "Lofts"

    Lisa Wilde on Mayor Koch's "Loft Law" and its lack of relief given to residents hoping to make 'lofts' legitimate housing.

  9. August 2010: Edward I. Koch On Mosque: Let's Be Calm Now

    On a day when Newt Gingrich compared the people planning a downtown mosque to Nazis, former Mayor Ed Koch said Americans could some day regret the furor over the project.

  10. Edward I. Koch Archives (1976 - 2012)

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