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  1. Blog: Advertising is a Magical Art by Shannon M. Kulik

    n 1971, I was three years old when I saw an image of a crying Indian on a television commercial for Keep America Beautiful's Ad campaign. When I connected the dots between my picking up litter on the Upper East Side and Iron Eyes Cody, advertising had my attention.

    I've been marveling at the magic since: I imagine the good ad a bit spy like; strong; and, and, brutal in their ability to cut to the chase.

  2. Blog: "When Media Grows Balls" by S. Kulik

    Esquire magazine cover, "The masculinization of the American woman. See page 76", March 1965.

  3. Blog: "Cuba" (2011) by David Lundmark by S. Kulik

    Behance as a creative discovery tool. "Cuba" by David Lundmark on Behance.

  4. Blog: "Lawless" Worked by S. Kulik

    I had missed it at the theater; caught it on Vudu (much gratitude to Vudu); and, found myself in the midst of a Tom Hardy marathon (Warrior) until morning - much gratitude to Mr. Hardy.

    Feature image: Still from the movie Lawless

  5. Bohomamma

    Bohomamma, an online and digital print magazine writing about society and culture; news and politics; the creative arts; and, the lives of American women. Honoree in lifestyle websites by the 16th Annual 2012 Webby Awards.

  6. Hsquared Editorial and Brand Agency, LLC

    Hsquared Editorial and Brand Agency, LLS is an editorial and brand management agency specializing in digital media and communications.