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Best Language Exchange Websites You Should Use

A list of Language Exchange Sites where you can learn languages completely free by talking to native speakers

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  1. Lingoglobe Your Language Exchange

    LingoGlobe.com is a free Language Exchange Community. Learn and practice foreign languages with native speakers. Discuss on the Lingo Globe language forum or even a live chat.

  2. Speaky : The Next Level of Language Exchange
    Speaky is a social network to learn languages by meeting and practicing with native speakers. Join us now on http://www.gospeaky.com
  3. Coeffee.com, language exchange

    The friendly language exchange community

  4. italki: Learn a language online

    italki is a language learning social network that connects students and language teachers. You can find language exchange partners, practice speaking a foreign language, ask questions, find free online language resources, and get help from an international community of language learners.

  5. Verbling - Learn a language

    Verbling lets language learners instantly connect with native speakers around the world through live video.

  6. busuu | Learn Spanish, French, English and other languages for free

    busuu is the world's largest social network for language learning. Connect for free with native speakers worldwide on your computer, tablet or mobile.

  7. Babelvillage.com

    A brand new, open and free, fair for all true enthusiasts of language exchange from all over the world. The Babevillage's daring ambition is to find a better, meaning, more efficient way of looking for a language exchange partner.

  8. Tandem Spot: Learn languages by speaking

    Connect with native speakers and improve your oral skills by speaking online with people who share your passions.

  9. 11

    Chatterplot - Make Your Language Skills Searchable!

    Chatterplot - Make Your Language Skills Searchable!

    Chatterplot takes the concept of "language community" offline and puts it back on the ground. Our integrative map allows users to see all the in-person language practice opportunities in their area and filter based on language, user (tandems, teachers) and event type.

  10. Language Exchange Community - Practice Foreign Languages

    Practice foreign languages with native speakers through language exchange. Meet people, chat, send messages, make friends and improve your language skills...

  11. Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages

    Practice and learn foreign languages with native speakers via email, text chat, voice chat or meet up for face to face conversation exchange.

  12. Language Exchange Community - Practice and learn foreign languages with penpal using Skype

    Practice foreign languages with native speakers in our language exchange community using Skype, email message or audio/video chat

  13. Conversation Exchange - Language learning with native speakers

    Through Conversation Exchange you can have three types of language exchange: face to face conversation by meeting up with native speakers, Correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat

  14. Polyglot Club Official Website - Find a friend to exchange languages!

    Learn a foreign language: online and offline language exchange, educational resources. Community of teachers and students from all around the world. Register for free and find a native speaker.

  15. Learn To Speak A Foreign Language

    Learn To Speak A Foreign Language - Learn English Language - Learn To Speak Conversational English Language

  16. Mammoth London Language Exchange | Facebook

    Hi! :)
    Mammoth London Language Exchange is a fun way to practice a language and make friends at the...

  17. Language Exchange - Skype Support Network

    Native language = The language you are most comfortable speaking. Target language = The language you wish to learn. If you want to learn another lan

  18. Fluent Future | Free Language Exchange

    Practice foreign languages with native speakers. Free language exchange, meet people, chat, send messages, make friends and improve your language skills

  19. Language exchange - Language community - Penpals - Lingofriends

    Lingofriends is a language community. Our service is free of charge and its all about language exchange. Use the search tool to find new language friends, connect with them and start to chat or email. Or why not talk or meet in real life?

  20. Easytalkee - Learning Spoken English online

    EasyTalkee is an online Spoken English learning community with lots of conversation resources. It connects people from around the world for learning Spoken English by listening, role practice, recording voice online and share with others.

  21. Tandem Buddy

    Are You Learning Foreign Language?
    Find Tandem Buddy for Language Exchange !

  22. Language Exchange

    Find the partner for language exchange!