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My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013

Every week I curate a list of the blog posts I came across. Feel free to suggest more! I published this list on my blog on Saturday: http://tweet4ok.com/favourite-social-media-posts-first-week-of-2013/

Source: http://tweet4ok.com/favourite-social-media-posts-first-week-of-2013/

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | 13 Things Digital Marketers Should Master In #2013 « Anise Smith Marketing

Last year I created a post about 12 Platforms That We Should Use in 2012 and my goodness what a difference a year makes.  So much has happened in the world of Digital Marketing in 2012, all pretty ...

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | Do You XeeMe? My Chat About XeeMe With Michael Q Todd - Tweet4Ok

Many of us have also noticed that a new business skill is evolving: The ability to know how to reach your contacts. You have to know who you need to call, email, tweet, skype or reach on Facebook, Google+ and the list goes on.
Just like the good old phone book in it's day there are a few directory sites around where we can list our digital presence. One that I use is XeeMe

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | The Duplicate Content Myth. Busted!

If you search Huffington Post for the phrase This article originally appeared in, you get over 11 thousand results. That's 11 thousand pieces of duplicate content. Clearly, these big sites are not getting punished by Google for duplicating content, so there has to be something deeper going on. Let's crack open the hood, and see what's underneath.

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | The State of Twitter, 2013

My dear friend Susan Fox (aka @gagasgarden) sent me a very interesting email recently with several questions about her experiences with Twitter. She wondered if I could write up a post answering these questions in case other people would be interested too, so here we are.

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | Why we Need Listening Lessons: How to Listen Between The Lines | via @nickkellet

When did we ever learn to listen? Do we know what's the difference between a good and a bad listener? Who teaches us to discern what's really being said or not said?

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | 13 Fun Blogs to Make You Smile, Laugh and Sometimes Cry

Blog post at Inspire To Thrive : Fun Blogs to Make You Laugh and Warm Your Heart
If you read many blogs to learn from you may need a break and these following fun blogs wil[..]

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | Sam Fiorella: LinkedIn, TrustCloud, Klout and the Game of Plusses

After a year of being awarded +Ks and +Krs from random followers on various topics that have ranged from pink socks to social media to grey hair, I had to wonder if we were adding value to online engagements or simply dumping more +toxic waste in an already polluted ocean?

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | 20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Visibility « Ignite Social Media – The original social media agency ®

There has been quite a lot of discontent among Facebook marketers of late due to the apparent decline in news feed visibility. The more cynical among us believe this is Facebook's way of coercing page

My favourite Blog Posts Week 01/2013 | How Professors Use Social Media [Infographic] | Social Media Today

Professors and Use of Social Media in Universities