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Recently at Web.commentary - 01.03.13
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Recently at Web.commentary - 01.03.13

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  1. BOOK REVIEW: Online Reputation Management For Dummies: Lori Randall Stradtman

    "The book Online Reputation Management For Dummies by Lori Randall Stradtman could be a handbook for an enterprise that is beginning to focus on online reputation management and for social media managers who want to correct any gaps."

  2. Creating A Great Customer Service Experience

    "I have had one great customer service experience recently, and a number of not-so great experiences. I would like to focus on the great experience, because the less-than experiences are pretty much a non-event these days."

  3. Happy New Year from Web.com!

    "Today I visited a small health food store in my neighborhood and was reminded of how important small businesses are. I needed some high quality flax seed oil in capsules (I don’t know about you, but the taste of flax seed oil is not high on my list . . . so capsules are imperative). I figured that this store was probably not open on New Year’s, but I called them up anyway, and someone actually answered. He said the store was not open, but asked me what I needed. I told him. He said — well, I am here doing year-end stuff and am happy to unlock the door for you so you can get what you need. So he did."

  4. Live Blog: Web.com Small Business Forum In Jacksonville

    Sara Toole Live blogs the Web.com Jacksonville Small Business forum

  5. Looking for Better Results on Your Facebook Business Page?

    "If you’re looking to get more fans and increase your brand exposure on Facebook, you’ll want to check out the new social media marketing product from Web.com: Facebook Boost."

  6. Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday: Help For Small Businesses

    "While Black Friday may be about us and what we can get, Small Business Saturday® takes us back to a focus on community."

  7. The Importance of Managing Your Reputation Online

    "The problem with this new online sharing method is that the people who share their opinions are usually anonymous or unknown. In a real life situation, most people can detect when there is a customer who has unreasonable expectations and cannot be satisfied — and they also tend to be sympathetic and understanding when a business makes a mistake, especially when there is an apology. But online, when a negative experience is shared, no one really knows if this is a former disgruntled employee, an unreasonable customer, a competitor looking to slander a business, or a legitimate complaint. And when searching for a business, a singular scathing review can hugely impact your business."

  8. The UPS Store Launches Small Business Solutions to Offer Day-to-Day Support for SMBs

    With Small Business Solutions, The UPS Store has brought together a diverse group of providers—from IT support and financial services to promotional marketing products and receptionist services. Web.com is proud to be a part of this team effort—and is offering website and Internet marketing services to the small business community. Learn more on the Web.com blog at http://www.web.com/blog.

  9. Transcript from the #webSMBforum Twitter Chat: Marketing Your Business with Facebook Pages

    Web.com hosted the #webSMBforum Twitter chat at noon ET on October 30, featuring guest expert Aman Devgan (VP of Marketing at Web.com) and moderator Shashi Bellamkonda (Social Media Swami at Web.com). Learn more at http://www.web.com/blog/.

  10. [video] Small Business Talk with Ken Yancey, CEO of SCORE

    "Ken Yancey mentions the SCORE services in this interview. Another important message to small business in Ken’s video conversation below is that no matter who you are voting for it is important to have your voice heard by casting your vote in the forthcoming election for U.S. President."