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The Best Education Apps (Android)

Share your favorite educational Android apps!

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  1. Courses123 - language learning - Android Apps on Google Play

    English, German, Spanish, French and Italian with just one application! Courses123 is a new hi-tech language learning application. Need to learn English? We can help you! If you’re not interested in English, you can pick from four other languages: French, Italian, German and Spanish which are, just after English, the most popular languages in the world!


    Courses123 application gives a perfect opportunity to learn a foreign language (you can choose from English, German, Spanish, French and Italian) with the use of modern technologies. Application, equipped with the latest and the best solutions, will allow you to learn words effectively and practice their pronunciation.

    A mobile language course is a solution for those who like learning while commuting, at home or at different places.

    Application provides you with films, photolessons, flash cards, dialogues, vocabulary revisions and quizzes, which will make your studying fun!

  2. Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game - Android Apps on Google Play

    Two can have fun at the same time! Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game is one of those fun educational games where two players fight each other mathematically. Cool game for...

  3. Zeus vs. Monsters - Math Game - Android Apps on Google Play

    Become mathematics god and Greek mythology expert with one of the best educational games for kids: Zeus vs. Monsters - Math Game. Download free app now! You know...

  4. Brainly.com - Homework help.

    Brainly.com is a part of the largest social network for studying in a group. We provide the best tools for mutual help with school subjects. Join us!

  5. Coursmos

    Micro-learning platform where micro-courses are simple to create and easy to learn.

    People do not get knowledge they want giving up 9 of 10 online courses. Usually they lack time and motivation to pass long online course.

    Coursmos.com is a micro-learning platform that solves this problem:

    1. Knowledge is represented with micro-courses of up to 9 lessons each 3 minutes long
    2. Micro-lessons can contain additional materials
    3. Lessons of each micro-course can be extended into separate micro-courses
    4. People can request micro-courses on certain topics
    5. Each micro-course can be easily created with web and mobile app
  6. GS Kids! Preschool Games

    A perfect app designed especially for kids (3-6 age group) to make them learn and develop holistically. Pack of 20 high quality kids games at a single place, with enticing rewards, keeps your kid amused for hours. The 20 colorful educational games aim to lay the groundwork for various skills development, such as spatial reasoning, visual perception, recognition and creativity.
    Different sections such as alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, puzzles and painting touch on the elementary preschool basics. The games encourage kids to play at their own pace. No winning and no losing keep the kid enchanted with the experience of the game. Rewards and appreciation earned at the end of each game boost the kid’s morale. Adorable stickers can be collected in a box after scoring enough points.

  7. Math vs. Undead: Math Workout - Android Apps on Google Play

    Math is fun and Math vs. Undead: Math Workout, one of the best games can prove it! It combines zombie games and educational games for kids in one fun game. Kids lov...

  8. Math Claw Machine: Sweet Games - Android Apps on Google Play

    Do you believe that mathematics can take you to the unknown world full of sweets and candies? Math Claw Machine: Sweet Games will show you the magic your beautiful min...

  9. Screentime Ninja

    Screentime Ninja automagically blocks the device after a pre-set amount of time, but lets the kid earn more time by solving math! All that tremendous under-used motivational power is not going to waste, but is rather re-directed for a better cause.

  10. iDisplay

    Turn your Android phone and tablet, iPad, iPhone or iPad Mini in a convenient side monitor for your Mac or Windows PC.

  11. eduDroid - Android in education

    One app with LOTS of modules.

    eduDroid is an educational application for use on android devices. It can help engage children in education and learning by providing games, quizzes and tools to increase their understanding and knowledge of educational modules.

    The modules are focussed towards children in KS1 & KS2 education, children with SEND and also some secondary school children.

    The modules include: word searches, handwriting skills, phonics, spelling, reading, eBooks, quizzes, triangle maths, number bonds, precision teaching, sound recording, money counting, hundreds tens and units, playing cards, clock, flash cards and more... all in one application!

  12. TED - Android Apps on Google Play

    Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world. TED's official Android app presents talks from some of the world's most fascinating people: education radicals,...

  13. Edmodo - Android Apps on Google Play

    Sign up now. It's FREE! Edmodo for the Android makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. Use your Android phone to send notes, ...

  14. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free - Android Apps on Google Play
    Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Totally fun and 100% free. * Google Play's "Best of the Best" 2013. * "Among ap...
  15. 4EDU - Teacher's Gradebook
    4EDU is the NEW solution for everyday classroom management at all levels of education. 4EDU is designed by engineers and teachers in order to meet the main needs of teacher everyday and how to approach and manage them easily and quickly.
    -Grade activities management: Computation of grades according to the percentage we want, all automatically.
    - Icons for activities evaluation: Manage your classroom in a clear and visually way, thanks to the large amount of icons available. Not only evaluated with numerical ratings! Ideal for visual grades.
    - Get visual information with our advanced statistics system.
    - Diary.
    - Post-It.
    - Timetable.
    - Direct parent communication with all the information of their children.
    - Grade by icons.
    - Sync with the cloud.
    - And tons more functionalities.
  16. Google Earth - Android Apps on Google Play

    Explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth. Fly around the planet with a swipe of your finger with Google Earth for Android. Explore distant lands ...

  17. Broken Calculator - Free Educational Game

    Help "Calci" the calculator to solve math problems without his broken keys!

    The goal is to reach a certain number or solve a math problem with a limited set of number...

  18. Splash Math Summer - Grade 1 - Android Apps on Google Play

    Stop summer math loss with Splash Math Grade 1. Fun math loved by 3 million kids Stop Summer Math loss with Splash Math Grade 1. With 13 chapters covering over 185 mat...

  19. Educational App Store - Android Apps on Google Play

    THE App-Discovery App for Education. Our mission is to identify the best educational apps. With over 150,000 educational apps available in the stores, it can be...

  20. Math Duel - 2 Player Math Game - Android Apps on Google Play

    Helping build math confidence! Math Duel is a split screen mathematics game that pits two players against each other on the same device! Change se...

  21. Karaoke for Kids - Android Apps on Google Play

    Mobile Karaoke for Kids. Remind yourself familiar tunes and teach your child to sing along with you. Unforgettable songs are a great opportunity for a joint, full of...

  22. 22



    ResponseWare turns student mobile devices into a virtual clicker. Students can respond via web browsers or via applications for smartphones and tablets. Apps are available for Android™ and Apple® devices. Engage and assess students with familiar tools. ResponseWare supports QWERTY text input with many interactive questions types, including multiple-choice, numeric response, multiple response and short answer. Students are able to view questions on the device when polling is open as well as the results after polling is closed. Designed as an affordable option for response systems, ResponseWare licenses are available for a variety of time lengths for students to choose the appropriate solution. ResponseWare can be used side-by-side with clickers to create a blended environment in order to support campuses with varying levels of connectivity and permissions.

  23. English Tests - English Tutor - Android Apps on Google Play

    Learn English - free exercises, explanations, teaching materials. This App will give you a general idea of your English level. At the end of the test you will ...

  24. Additio App - Gradebook for teachers [Android/iOS ]

    ADDITIO APP is the application developed to help teachers streamline their tasks and improve classroom management. It has been designed by ADDITIO, a renowned company that has specialised in the field of education, with over 25 years of experience publishing gradebooks for teachers and other products.

    In response to the numerous requests by teachers and field professionals that have adopted the tablet as a working tool, ADDITIO has developed this technology-based, easy-to-use solution, which is always being upgraded and improved thanks to your help and your suggestions.

  25. Sky Map - Android Apps on Google Play

    Sky Map turns your Android-powered device into a window on the night sky. Open sourced and donated by Google.

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