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Best Task Mgmt for Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android?

A list of task management apps for use with the Mac and the mobile devices

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  1. Producteev

    Create shared To-Do lists, shared tasks, set deadlines and reminders and snooze them, ping your colleagues when they're late, attach files, comment on your team's tasks, search and filter your tasks, create sophisticated work reports, send tasks and receive notifications on your email, IM, twitter and mobile phone...

  2. Wunderlist

    Wunderlist is an easy-to-use task management tool with cloud-synchronization. It works on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad (Web and Android coming soon). You can sync your lists and tasks over the air, so you are always up to date.

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    Strict GTD implementation, with iPhone and iPad apps that sync nicely. It's very 2.0ish, and has a useable mobile web version (for use on Android).

  4. Doit.im

    Great GTD app. Avialable on Android, iPhone, Windows, Adobe air with cloud synchronization. Similar to THINGS but free.

  5. Springpad

    Springpad is a nice app, iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac. Great ppl with great support as well.

  6. Toodledo

    Web/iPhone/iPad and there might be a third-party Android app. This is the one I use.

  7. TaskPaper

    This is what I use for Mac and iPhone. It's got excellent sync to the cloud, using a free service called SimpleText implemented on Google App Engine by the developer.

    I really like this because the data store is plain text, so I can write my own scripts to access my task list. For example, I have a script that extracts my project list, and then I use GeekTool to show that project list on my desktop.

    No Android support, though.

  8. RememberTheMilk

    Please do not forget good trusty RememberTheMilk.

  9. Teux Deux

    TeuxDeux is a simple, designy to-do app for the browser and has a native client available for iPhone.

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    Good, but has only iPhone, iPad and Mac support (no Android). Also, it lacks true sync, i.e. you must be on the same network to sync, and I want to sync via the cloud...

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    This is my phone that seems to be a pretty good. Founded the other day when i was looking for cloud basic versions, and it appears as they added support for this. No Android support.

  12. cloudList

    An Android/Web to-do list that specifically focuses on collaboration. It has a simple interface with unique features such as voting and comment communication.

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    Nubi Do

    Nubi Do

    Great little iPhone app. A little pricey but very well designed. Don't think there is an Android app.

  14. Dropkick

    A simple, elegant to do app for Mac Desktop and the iPhone. Sync via Internet between iPhone App and Desktop App.

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    Daylite if set up properly is a true trusted system. I want all my data in one place, contacts, companies, emails, schedule opportunities & projects. Most gtd apps only handle tasks. Collaborative GTD

  16. Asana · Teamwork without email

    Asana puts conversations & tasks together, so you can get more done with less effort. Do Great Things with Asana.

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    Helium is a cross platform (Windows / Mac) task management tool to implement Getting Things Done and Inbox Zero. Helium connects to your corporate email server and Evernote. Tasks can be delegated to others using email. Sync between computers and with your iPhone.

  19. ActionComplete

    Inspired by David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology, ActionComplete applications for Android and Web were built from the ground up to streamline the experience of exquisite GTD practitioners.

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    Definitely would recommend checking out Dooster. Fairly new but worth a mention here.

  21. ActionMethod

    Action Method Mobile is a free and powerful task management application, designed for maximum productivity.

  22. Online Task Management and Team Collaboration Software · Flow

    Flow is a task management app that makes working with your team a breeze. Work from a browser, your iPhone, or your email - no syncing required. Coordinate teams, projects, and todos, all in one place.

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    Organize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, know what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.