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Transmedia Case Studies

Case studies of various transmedia/crossmedia projects

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  1. Transmedia Case Studies | CAMPFIRE / Work / Audi Art of the Heist

    Case study for The Art of The Heist

  2. Transmedia Case Studies | Transmedia case study-Guidestones |

    A study in the low budget, grassroots approach

  3. Transmedia Case Studies | Totally Amp’d |

    A Canadian app developed to incorporate web series, music remix, fashion creation, video remix all for the tween set.

  4. Transmedia Case Studies | Case Study – Pandemic | Lance Weiler

    Case Study for Lance Weiler's Pandemic

  5. Transmedia Case Studies | Why So Serious?

    Case Study for Why So Serious? by 42 Entertainment

  6. Transmedia Case Studies | Dexter Transmedia Case Study by Modernista! & Showtime... via JawboneTV - YouTube

    Modernista! put together this case study on their transmedia/ARG work with Dexter.

  7. Transmedia Case Studies | Lauralee's Depression: An Immersive Storytelling Case Study

    A transmedia for good case study from Transmedia LA's Miracle Mile Paradox ARG

  8. Transmedia Case Studies | Miracle Mile Paradox ARG

    Case Study from Transmedia LA / April Arrglington

  9. Transmedia Case Studies | Dexter in transmedia - Transmedia Lab Blog

    analysis by by Ana Vasile et Olivier Godest , published on 31.03.2011

  10. Transmedia Case Studies | Transmedia in Education

    This presentation highlights the power to engage students through transmedia storytelling. For three weeks in Feb 2012, 600 students across Florida worked in te

  11. Transmedia Case Studies | Lowlifes transmedia storytelling

    Explanation of the Lowlifes transmedia project from concept through to execution

  12. Transmedia Case Studies | The Roswell Experience - Small Town Tourism Marketing Example

    Using Conducttr, local production company Airhart Media created a location-based experience that told Roswell's secret history of how aliens influenced the work