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Transmedia Case Studies

Case studies of various transmedia/crossmedia projects

Transmedia Case Studies | CAMPFIRE / Work / Audi Art of the Heist

Case study for The Art of The Heist

Transmedia Case Studies | Transmedia case study-Guidestones |

A study in the low budget, grassroots approach

Transmedia Case Studies | Totally Amp’d |

A Canadian app developed to incorporate web series, music remix, fashion creation, video remix all for the tween set.

Transmedia Case Studies | Case Study – Pandemic | Lance Weiler

Case Study for Lance Weiler's Pandemic

Transmedia Case Studies | Why So Serious?

Case Study for Why So Serious? by 42 Entertainment

Transmedia Case Studies | Dexter Transmedia Case Study by Modernista! & Showtime... via JawboneTV - YouTube

Modernista! put together this case study on their transmedia/ARG work with Dexter.

Transmedia Case Studies | Lauralee's Depression: An Immersive Storytelling Case Study

A transmedia for good case study from Transmedia LA's Miracle Mile Paradox ARG

Transmedia Case Studies | Miracle Mile Paradox ARG

Case Study from Transmedia LA / April Arrglington

Transmedia Case Studies | Dexter in transmedia - Transmedia Lab Blog

analysis by by Ana Vasile et Olivier Godest , published on 31.03.2011

Transmedia Case Studies | Transmedia in Education

This presentation highlights the power to engage students through transmedia storytelling. For three weeks in Feb 2012, 600 students across Florida worked in te

Transmedia Case Studies | Lowlifes transmedia storytelling

Explanation of the Lowlifes transmedia project from concept through to execution

Transmedia Case Studies | The Roswell Experience - Small Town Tourism Marketing Example

Using Conducttr, local production company Airhart Media created a location-based experience that told Roswell's secret history of how aliens influenced the work