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Fitness and Health Blogs for Boom Chicka Boomers

Women over 45: Looking for active aging solutions, motivation, workouts, stories, and some downright good exercise, health and wellness blogs? Check out this Fun and Fit Fab list!
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  1. Fun and Fit: Active Aging Advice for Boom Chicka Boomers

    Get accurate, accessible, sometimes irreverent advice on how to age actively. Long time, international fitness professionals, baby boomers, and identical twins, Kymberly and Alexandra share their expertise so you can reach your fitness goals and Age Actively! Pose your exercise questions; connect with women like you who want to be healthier. Learn the small steps that lead to big health changes at Fun and Fit. Go Boom Chicka Boomers - women over 50!

  2. Midlife Boulevard - Where We've Been... Where We're Going

    Where We've Been... Where We're Going Midlife Boulevard is an online magazine focusing on the lives of women over 40. We are passionate about issues affecting women in midlife.

    Managing partners Sharon Greenthal and Anne Parris bring you the best original and curated content from our group of 300 writers. With a variety of voices ranging from the deeply serious to laugh-out-loud humorous, Midlife Boulevard has something for everyone.

    We publish fifteen articles a week on topics including life, style, health, and the business of blogging.

    Midlife Boulevard does reviews and sponsored posts for products and services we feel are useful to our audience. We want to highlight the best of what’s appealing to women in our prime.

  3. Vibrant Nation

    VibrantNation.com is the leading online community devoted exclusively to the influential and fast-growing demographic of smart and successful women over 50. At Vibrant Nation, these women (whom we've named "Vibrant Women") can look for tips, share information, and join in smart conversations about work, style, relationships, wellness, books, and more.

  4. Better After 50 | Real Women – Real Stories

    We are Better After 50, because we choose to be. Real women, real stories. Join the conversation - join our community and write articles or post in our forum. Sex, menopause, finance, aging parents, love, loss and more.

  5. Fab After Fifty

    We all want to lead healthy fabulous lives, but we do recognise that as we reach  50 we have to deal with Health issues specific to our age group, starting with the ‘M’ word. We will  be covering over 50 health topics such as osteoporosis, breast cancer, thyroid issues etc. With the help of our ‘experts’, Dr Carol Cooper and Dr Marilyn Glenville, we will bring you information to help better understand the health issues faced post 50 and learn about the latest options to deal with them, using both medical and natural therapies.

  6. Anti-Age Yourself: Stronger, Faster, Fitter and Sexier

    Getting Older: Slowing, Weakening?Check us out if you want to be Stronger, Faster, Healthier, Sexier and Feel Great about yourself, even as you grow older. (Just a suggestion :-)

  7. Midlife transformation is the springboard for an emboldened life

  8. Truth2BeingFit.com


    Fitness, weight lifting, health & workout enthusiast for over 30++ years. At 55 this November 2012, I am making sure I stay fit & healthy long term! FitFluential Ambassador.

  9. eat run sail

    Enjoying life at a more relaxed pace... but always game to try something new. Recreational runner, avid golfer and salty sailor. Creative cook. Loves to have her head in the sunshine and her feet in the sand.

  10. Fitknitchick

    Inspiring you to eat well, exercise daily and perhaps, take up knitting

  11. Ignite! Menopause Mastery Solution

    Helping women to ROCK Menopause! Diet, exercise, stress management, wellness coaching and running. Rethink menopause and ignite your life!

  12. Exercise your Way to a Fabulous Age of Menopause |

    What are the benefits of exercise during menopause?

  13. My Front Page - www.healthnwealth4life.org

    Get Healthy for Life at My Front Page - www.healthnwealth4life.org

  14. The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide

    Sharing information to help baby boomers make smart consumer choices

  15. Nicki Anderson - Thoughts on Health, Life and Family

    Thoughts on Family, Health and Life after 50

  16. Phit Chicks
  17. Stay Active and Live Life Fully
  18. AnEmpoweredSpirit.com | Empower yourself to live a healthy and vibrant life after the age of 50

    Empower yourself to live a healthy and vibrant life after the age of 50


    Boomer wellness for fitness professionals and fit-fans.

  20. Susan Gala | Pelvic Floor Exercise

    Susan Gala, creator The Sexhercise® Method, which helps with pelvic floor exercises.

  21. Finding Life's Balance

    Mind, Body, Spirit -- some down to earth fitness and nutrition tips for the body and some thought provoking ideas for the mind and spirit.

  22. Taking It On

    Running, not running... teenagers to toddlers... staring 50 in the face and just happy to be here.

  23. thefitfork.com | The Fit Fork

    Healthy recipes, running, workouts and fitness tips for a better bite out of life. A 45+ year old runner, still going strong.

  24. One-to-One Fitness Training | With Wendy Lee Carvill

    With Wendy Lee Carvill