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Content Marketing World 2012 Speakers List #CMWorld

Who do you know.

Who would you like to know?

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  1. 1  Todd Wheatland - @ToddWheatland

    Todd Wheatland - @ToddWheatland

    I’m into Content Marketing, and I also write about motivation, globalization and some other ations. I work @kellyocg. I post photos @blogpic. I like hats.

  2. 2  Jay Baer - @jaybaer

    Jay Baer - @jaybaer

    President of http://convinceandconvert.com a hype-free social and content accelerator firm. Keynote speaker. Co-author of The NOW Revolution. Tequila guy.

  3. 3  Brian Clark - @copyblogger

    Brian Clark - @copyblogger

    Content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting advice from the editorial team at Copyblogger Media.

  4. 4  Joe Pulizzi - @juntajoe

    Joe Pulizzi - @juntajoe

    Content Marketing Institute. Get Content Get Customers. Content Marketing World. Managing Content Marketing. Chief Content Officer mag. Orange.

  5. 5  Ann Handley - @MarketingProfs

    Ann Handley - @MarketingProfs

    Head of Content here at ‘Profs. People seem to like my writing: http://www.contentrulesbook.com http://www.annhandley.com

  6. 6  Mark Schaefer - @markwschaefer

    Mark Schaefer - @markwschaefer

    Chieftain of the social web's most unique blog, {grow}. Consultant, college professor, author of Return On Influence and Tao of Twitter. Social Media Bouncer.

  7. 7  Amy Porterfield - @AmyPorterfield

    Amy Porterfield - @AmyPorterfield

    I'm a social media strategist who specializes in Facebook (http://AmyPorterfield.com/Webinar). Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.

  8. 8  Mitch Joel - @mitchjoel

    Mitch Joel - @mitchjoel

    President of Twist Image. Marketer. Speaker. Author. Media Hacker. Blogger and Podcaster of Six Pixels of Separation. New book - CTRL ALT DEL - out soon.

  9. 9  Lisa Petrilli - @LisaPetrilli

    Lisa Petrilli - @LisaPetrilli

    CEO C-Level Strategies, CEO Connection Chief Relnsh'p Officer, Passion: Visionary Leadership! Author The Introvert's Guide to Success in Biz & Leadership

  10. 10  Adele Revella - @buyerpersona

    Adele Revella - @buyerpersona

    Marketing keynote speaker and leader of workshops focused on buyer personas, strategic marketing and sales enablement. Author of The Buyer Persona Manifesto.

  11. 11  Amanda Maksymiw - @amandamaks

    Amanda Maksymiw - @amandamaks

    Tweets about content, B2B marketing and sales, Big Data, Boston. Last name sounds like max-i-mu. Work @Lattice_Engines. Thoughts are my own.

  12. 12  HeidiCohen - @heidicohen

    HeidiCohen - @heidicohen

    Actionable Marketer shares practical advice on social media, marketing & life. Also, professor, journalist & speaker.

  13. 13  Robert Rose - @Robert_Rose

    Robert Rose - @Robert_Rose

    Helping marketers become storytellers | Chief Troublemaker @ Big Blue Moose | Lead Strategist @ Content Marketing Institute | Author: Managing Content Marketing

  14. 14  Nate Riggs - @nateriggs

    Nate Riggs - @nateriggs

    blended family dad. blogger. speaker. author. content marketer. social business director at Karcher Group. jedi master. the force is strong with you.

  15. 15  Lee Odden - @leeodden

    Lee Odden - @leeodden

    Author: OptimizeBook.com CEO @TopRank Online Marketing w/ insights on strategic Social Media, Search, Content & PR. Proud dad, world traveler, foodie.

  16. 16  Pam Didner - @PamDidner

    Pam Didner - @PamDidner

    Intel's Global MKT Mgr. Passions: content and global marketing, inspiring women's stories, yoga, solitude, pursuing my true self http://pamdidner.com

  17. 17  Andrew Davis - @TPLDrew

    Andrew Davis - @TPLDrew

    The difference between a good #marketing strategy and a bad one lies in the questions you ask. Author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the power of partnerships

  18. 18  C.C. Chapman - @cc_chapman

    C.C. Chapman - @cc_chapman

    Author, Speaker, Photographer & Dad. Explorer trying to make the world better through creativity.

  19. 19  Ardath Albee - @ardath421

    Ardath Albee - @ardath421

    B2B Marketer, Content Strategist, Writer, Storyteller and Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

  20. 20  Michael A. Stelzner - @Mike_Stelzner

    Michael A. Stelzner - @Mike_Stelzner

    Author of books: Launch & Writing White Papers; founded Social Media Examiner. Committed Christian and dad. Also see Facebook.com/smexaminer & gplus.to/stelzner

  21. 21  Tom Stein - @Tom_Stein

    Tom Stein - @Tom_Stein

    Tom Stein is president of Stein + Partners Brand Activation, BtoB Agency of the Year. Dad of awesome-est twins ever.

  22. 22  Andrew Dinsdale - @AndrewDinsdale

    Andrew Dinsdale - @AndrewDinsdale

    Run Digital, Social and CRM for Chevrolet. #LFC fan #YNWA (but will always support my hometown #LCFC). Views are my own. I don't feed trolls.

  23. 23  Michael Pranikoff - @mpranikoff

    Michael Pranikoff - @mpranikoff

    Global Director of Emerging Media at PR Newswire

  24. 24  Ross Mayfield - @Ross

    Ross Mayfield - @Ross

    Biz Dev for SlideShare, a LinkedIn company. Social, I called it...

  25. 25  Steve Drake - @SteveDrake

    Steve Drake - @SteveDrake

    Editor of SCDdaily blog with focus on associations, ag, social media. . Speak on generational issues & digital media. For cause marketing, I'm @causeaholic