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Sam Gliksman iPad App Recommendations for K-6

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Suggested list of core iPad apps for K-6 use. Preference is given to apps that are open-ended and can be used for various creative needs.

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  1. 1. Pages


    Apple's word processor for the iPad. Part of the iWork suite of apps.

  2. 2. Evernote


    Invaluable tool for collecting and organizing digital information, taking notes, sharing content, and more

  3. 3. Book Creator

    Book Creator

    Simple editor for creating digital books

  4. 4. Explain Everything

    Explain Everything

    Full featured screencasting and tutorials

  5. 5. Dictionary


    From Dictionary.com

  6. 6. BrainPOP


    Features an educational movie and activity every day

  7. 7. Calculator for iPad

    Calculator for iPad

    Free calculator

  8. 8. Math Bingo

    Math Bingo

    Math problems presented in a popular gaming format

  9. 9. Doodle Buddy

    Doodle Buddy

    Easy drawing app for younger students

  10. 10. Lifecards


    Creates simple digital postcards with images and text

  11. 11. Pic Collage

    Pic Collage

    Great for creating photo posters, short image based stories, learning vocabulary by associating words with images and more.

  12. 12. iMovie


    Apple's movie editing app

  13. 13. GarageBand


    Apple's music editing app. Can also be used to create and record voice podcasts.

  14. 14. Socrative Student Clicker

    Socrative Student Clicker

    Student app for responding to class polls and quizzes

  15. 15. ScreenChomp


    Create screencasts and tutorials

  16. 16. Star Walk

    Star Walk

    Astronomy app that identifies and maps the constellations as you point the iPad at the sky

  17. 17. Notability


    Take Notes & Annotate PDFs. Synchronize with Dropbox & Google Drive. Great for class note taking.

  18. 18. Popplet lite

    Popplet lite

    Idea mapping app

  19. 19. Sock Puppets

    Sock Puppets

    Simple puppet movies. Select puppets, direct and narrate

  20. 20. PhotoSync


    Great tool for transferring photo and video wirelessly between devices and laptops

  21. 21. Discovery Channel HD

    Discovery Channel HD

    Requires school subscription to Discovery Education website

  22. 22. Comic Life

    Comic Life

    Create digital comics. Include your own photos.

  23. 23. NOVA Elements

    NOVA Elements

    Variety of science demos and activities based on the program from PBS

  24. 24. Google Search

    Google Search

    Google Search and Apps

  25. 25. Scribble Press

    Scribble Press

    Story creation app for younger kids that has built in drawing tools