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4th Grade iPad Lesson Ideas

iPad lesson idea list curated by Christina Lee and Jeanne Reed at Manhattan Beach Unified School District.

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  1. 4 Language Arts - New Year's Resolutions with Pages

    New Year's Resolution with Pages in PDF
    App: Pages

  2. 4 Language Arts - President Report Presentation

    President Report Presentation in PDF
    App: Keynote

  3. 4 Research Tools

    Research tools links for students in Google Document
    App: Safari

  4. 4 Science - Biome Project

    Biome Project in PDF
    App: Keynote

  5. 4 Science - Food Chains and Food Webs

    Food Chains and Food Webs in PDF
    App: Keynote

  6. 4 Social Studies - California VIP Timeline

    California VIP Timeline with Google Presentation in PDF
    *Substitute Google Presentation with Keynote
    App: Keynote

  7. 4 Social Studies - Mission Report Planner and Instructions

    California Mission Report Planner and Instruction in Word
    *Substitute Microsoft PowerPoint with Keynote
    App: Keynote