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What Should Bruce's Next Book Project Be?

The social creature that I am, I am asking those who "know" me, what might be a helpful topic to tackle for my next book project. Feel free to vote, add or comment.

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  1. 1  In Defense of Community

    In Defense of Community

    Through my own experience of various communities, why society must turn away from individualism.

  2. 2  The Radical Middle

    The Radical Middle

    Challenging the comfortable ideological, political and theological clustering that has gripped so many of societies institutions and the faithful calling it is to stand in the middle.

  3. 3  The Parent Dance

    The Parent Dance

    Somewhat riffing off of a recent post, I really want to write a book on parenting: the joys, the struggles, the complexities and the privilege.

  4. 4  San Francisco Cafes and Coffee Houses

    San Francisco Cafes and Coffee Houses

    I know that this has been done, but good golly I could review about 20 off the top of my head right now.

  5. 5  A Year Without Email

    A Year Without Email

    May be a dead genre, but am intrigued by the idea that this form of communication is slowly becoming obsolete.

  6. 6  Asian American Christian Progressives

    Asian American Christian Progressives

    Something about this group of folks: sermon collection, survey, etc.

  7. 7  God is a verb

    God is a verb

    Our egos defend us as nouns--things, as our sole identity. Take the ego out of it, and what's left? Verbs. The sacred verb is everywhere: when a mother Nurses a baby, when my wife Climbs a tree to Rescue an injured bird. San Francisco is full of verbs...but where?

  8. 8  Suddenly Hopeless

    Suddenly Hopeless

    A helpful manual for dealing with life while you're in crisis mode: where to get assistance when you've lost your job, your home, your income, your health, and in danger of losing your soul.