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Pet Lovers Social Networks

Pet-owners naturally conjugate- whether it is because of their daily walks, or for pet-shows, or for just comparing notes- this community is very passionate about their pets! So taking these conversations to a social network seems a natural next step. Many pet social networks not only provide forums, resources, and expert help, but they also provide owners with the ability to showcase their pets by developing pet profiles, creating groups, exchanging photos &videos.Here is my initial list. Do add your favs?

Pet Lovers Social Networks | BoxerCouch.com Social Networking & Boxer Community

Boxer Social Networking & Boxer Community - BoxerCouch.com is the only Boxer social networking community for those of us obsessed with the Boxer dog breed, including member blogs, Boxer Forums and a slew of other great features.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Catster

Here kitty kitty! Catster, is for anyone that shares their life with a cat. Great writers, original video, litter box confessional, breed info, adoption, food, health, advice and a community of like-minded people.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Country Farm and Pets - social networking

Social networking community for everything farm and pet related.
Networking with a heart for pets, animals and the environment. Join us - it's free!

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Cuteness

Cuteness is a community and shopping site made exclusively for pet people. Enter your pet in cute pet contests, build a detailed pet profile page with photos, videos, Twitter status updates, pet commenting, and more!

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Doggyspace

Doggyspace, a doggy's place. Find advice from our dog loving community, dog training, food, health, lifestyles and dog pictures.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Doglovers.in


This is 21st century and, we all are enjoying our life with digital presence, with facebook & twitter, now it’s the time to give the digital life to our pets. Yes, today I am going to share your some niche social networks which are just for Pets.
This social networks are for Pets, Pets lovers, Owners. This is an exclusive social network of Dog Lovers, where Dog lovers can create their ids, share their photos, videos, links. Even who are in pet shop business can create their id and create page and create group in the same, this social network is really user friendly where people will have same user experience as any other social network.

They do have Dog Lover android app.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Dog Social Networking

When you join / advertise on k9 friends united it's just like having your very own web site where you are in complete control. You can swap, change, add and edit any of your content at any time; you can create your own Profiles, Videos and Picture gallery, Blogs, Forums plus much more. Membership is totally free and always will be.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Dogster

For the love of dog! Dogster, is for anyone that shares their life with a dog. Great writers, original video, dog park confessional, breed info, adoption, food, health, advice and a community of like-minded people.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Dog Training Advice | Dog Training Tips | How to Train a Puppy - Official Dog Training

This is the most useful and comprehensive online resource on how to train a dog. No matter the age and breed of your pet, our expert dog training advice and tips will make training a dog as easy it gets.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Find or list your Lovely pats today with us.

K9studfinder provides complete Dog breed listings by character,color,size,image,Classification and detailed description for more then 300+ known breeds, This information is useful those who is planing to have new best friend,Before you buy any breeds Please remember to do your research first to find out if that particular dog you are looking for is suitable for your invariant. We also welcome to breeders to list your puppies or Studs with us for free, to find out more Please visit us at www.k9studfinder.com

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Fuzzster

A Social Network for Cats, Dogs and All Your Fuzzy Pets. View, message, blog and connect with pets and owners around the world.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | http://www.social-pet.com/?lang=en

Pet Social, social network for pet - pet lovers! Join our network of pet! Put your pet interact with us and each other! Socialize your pet! Interact! Write! We formulated the network because we understand the unconditional love that your pet wakes you and your family. Enjoy our website and share goo



Pet Lovers Social Networks | laura

enter link description here



Jackopaw , is by far the best social media platform for pet owners and their beloved pets!! it should be added to this list, no doubt about that!!
it is completely FREE to join, and has recently gotten a new upgrade to the site!! check it out, its free, and Jackopaw has BIG THINGS to come in the near future, for the health and wellness of its members and their pets!! It is worldwide, and has many users all over the globe!!!. check it out!!
They are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, Now!!!

Pet Lovers Social Networks | LoveMyPets

Love my pets is a pets social networking site dedicated to pet lovers like you and me. We provide pet blogs, news, pet forums and all kinds of social networking features. You can upload music, pictures, video and more exciting events. We support rescue orgaization all over the world with a large up to date rescue orgaization database. Visit and Join www.lovemypets.com. Love My Pets is waiting for you. And we now introduce shopping channel where you can shop for pet products, pet supplies, pet gifts, pet supplements, pet toys, and much more.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | LoveMyPets - Pet Social Networking

Social Networking Website for pet lovers. LoveMyPets is the place to connect with pet lover friends. These tools will help you find people you know and people you may want to know! Create Albums, Share your images, create and share events.

Here pet lovers can also find animal rescue organizations, animal shelter and a pet supermarket where huge amount of pet supplies is available.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | My Looney Pets

Join the free social networking and pet information site for pet lovers of dogs, cats, birds, horses, ferrets, reptiles, fish, bunnies, and all other pets. Share pet pictures and pet profiles, compete in pet contests, make new friends, watch animal videos, and gain helpful information about your pets health.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | MySocialPetwork - the social network for pets

The big social network for pets in UK. Chat with friends and find great pictures.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Paw Mountain - pet social networking community

Paw Mountain pet social network community come join in the fun upload your pics,decorate your profile and more

Pet Lovers Social Networks | paws hooves and claws - social network for your pet

a place for your pet to call home all pets can join, make new pals, write blogs upload pictures and much more



Pet Lovers Social Networks | PawsWay

Our new online community lets you connect with pet-lovers, share photos and stories, and celebrate the pets you love.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | People N Pets

Join the People 'N Pets Social Network, Where Pets are People Too. Connect to the community with Pets and Owners of all breeds and species!

Pet Lovers Social Networks | PET2MATE

The social network for pets, petlovers, professionals & associations! PETS FOR ADOPTION, Contests, Stores and Services. FREE registration on *www.pet2mate.com *

Pet Lovers Social Networks | PetBlaster™ is the Ultimate Pet Social Network™

Petblaster™ Is Your One Source for Everything Pets™.
The Ultimate Pet Social Network™ .Pet Adoption, Pet services, The PetBlaster™ Charity Works and philanthropy divisions focus on the prevention of the euthanization of Pets. PetBlaster™ is a corporate social enterprise.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | PetBrags

World’s friendliest free Pet Community for pet lovers and their pets. Family entertainment, tips, photos, videos, forums, blogs, and chat.

Pet Lovers Social Networks | Peterest

Browse through thousands of funny and cute pet images and upload the best pictures of your own pets! Free download for iOS and Android!