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Bloomsday 16 June 2012 - honouring James Joyce

List of links (audio, written, video, photographs...) produced specially in celebration of James Joyce the writer.

Add to the List from anywhere - let's curate a colourful List that will be there for posterity - & next year.

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  1. Celebrating Bloomsday: Stephen Fry Explains His Love for Joyce’s Ulysses | Open Culture

    Today is \'Bloomsday,\' the day when literature lovers around the world gather in bookstores and Irish pubs and other fitting places to celebrate James Joyce\'s masterpiece of high modernism, Ulysses.

  2. Bloomsday OutLOUD in Staten Island - Bloomsday 2012 & Ulysses' 90th

    Staten Island OutLOUD presents our 10th annual Bloomsday OutLOUD --  Saturday, June 16 (8pm) 4 St Pauls Cafe 4 St Pauls Avenue Staten Island, NY  10301 We'll read excerpts from Ulysses with live...

  3. James Joyce Centre - bloomsday

    The James Joyce Centre is dedicated to promoting an understanding of the life and works of James Joyce.

  4. Bruff Bloomsday: Happy Bloomsday!

    BLOOMSDAY In BRUFF: A blog about the celebration of Bloomsday in Bruff, Co. Limerick. 14th to 17th June 2012
    'The Bloomsday of the West of Ireland' Phone: 087 2127521
    email bloomsdayinbruff@gmail.com. Scroll down to view all!

  5. Audioboo / In Bewley's

    An Audioboo by malcolmguite

  6. Audioboo / O'Mahony's book shop

    An Audioboo by cyberviking

  7. Why Bloomsday Is Special This Year - Entertainment - The Atlantic Wire

    2012 is the 71st year since James Joyce’s death, and marks the first — across the EU at any rate – that his work may be shared freely among them, without needing permission — for public readings, performances, or re-interpretations — from his estate.

  8. Bloomsday readathon under way - The Irish Times - Fri, Jun 15, 2012

    More than one hundred Irish writers will read consecutively over 28 hours this weekend in an attempt to break the world record for the most authors reading one after the other at an event to mark Bloomsday at the Irish Writers’ Centre.

  9. Bloomsday in New York | New York Daily News

    There is still time left in Bloomsday. For the next few hours, the celebration will continue at the Ulysses bar (of course) on Stone St. in lower Manhattan. Below, Black 47 lead si

  10. Happy Bloomsday! The World Celebrates James Joyce - NYTimes.com

    Stout, grilled kidneys and public readings -- a typical Bloomsday in Dublin -- but this year expect a Joycean revival as the master's works come out of copyright.