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Teacher / Classroom Blogs

This is a list of blogs created by teachers about their classrooms or "classroom" blogs where students are participating authors.

May 24, 2016 - - 13
Middle School

By Catherine and Emma If you need an app to make a personal digital magazine, Adobe Slate is your best bet. This utility allows you to mak...

May 24, 2016 - - 14
Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

High school math teacher blog.

May 24, 2016 - - 9
The Avery Bunch

A Grades 3-6 Tech Blog

May 24, 2016 - - 12
Mrs. Watson's K/1/2/3 Class - A look inside our classroom

#classroom #blog #studentblogs

May 24, 2016 - - 11
Miss Jordan's Class @ Barwon Heads Primary School

Posted by Miss Kelly Jordan on Monday, December 1st 2014 During the past couple of weeks, we have been doing a feature article study in our writing lessons. Feature articles are written pieces we find in magazines, newspapers and online, where the writer provides information about a topic in an interesting and engaging manner and makes us care about the topic.

May 24, 2016 - - 9
Mrs Baldwin's Class Blog!

For the ceiling we chose our own lighting however we had to be careful that we used the right technique. If we decided to use single lights we had to make sure that they were large and then became smaller as they went into the distance down the corridor.

May 24, 2016 - - 12
Mrs. Moore's Class Blog | Adventures in Education

Then, we knew we were ready to go! Next, everyone was given a job. The jobs included inquirers and greeters (these kids were in front of the camera), logical reasoners, clue keepers, researchers, runner and problem solver, photographer and videographer. The inquirers asked the other class 'yes or no' questions.

May 24, 2016 - - 11
Ms. Myers' 3rd Graders Reach for the Sky

Dear Readers, Every year, Ms. Myers' class participates in a global project, hosted by Jen Wagner of "Projects By Jen". Teachers from all over the world sign up to take part in a good will exchange between students. Every class is instructed to create 30 cards which are mailed out to the other schools, and to one community service organization.

May 24, 2016 - - 10
Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

Nic's mom and grandmother came in to class to teach our monthly art lesson. This dynamic duo taught the class how to weave! First, we made a paper loom and then the weaving began. Over. Under. Over. Under. What was the most difficult part?

May 24, 2016 - - 9
Hey, Kids! Student Challenge Winner

Do you watch awards shows on t.v.? The entertainment industry has tons of awards they pass out every year to outstanding performers in many fields. I can think of the Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, the Tonys, the Golden Globes, the CMAs, the People's Choice, and the Kids' Choice Awards right off the top of my head.

May 24, 2016 - - 9
Overthinking my teaching

Math Teacher's blog

May 24, 2016 - - 10
To Accumulate a Rate - Integrate!

A Mathematical site

May 24, 2016 - - 8
THe CoNCH | 8th Grade Civics and US History

For the CYOA, all students watch the BrainPop video American Revolution as an Overview. All students complete the Timeline of the Revolution. The following...

May 24, 2016 - - 9
Krebs' Class Blogs - Kindergarten
May 24, 2016 - - 9
year5rc | life in year 5

The Junior School had great fun participating in Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 23rd May. (Due to technical difficulties we have not been able to publish this post until now) The girls met in a park next to the school and then walked around the block before returning to school for a fun zoomba session led by Mrs B.

May 24, 2016 - - 9
Mrs. Caudill's Classroom Connection - 5th Grade

Wow, I guess it has really been a long time since I have posted anything on this blog. My last post date was August 21, 2013. That was the start of our new school year and I wasn't sure exactly what my focus for the blog was going to be for the new year.

May 24, 2016 - - 11
Mr. Bowen's Class Blog - Assignments, Anouncements, and Great Conversation

4th Grade

May 24, 2016 - - 10
Grade 1/2 P at UPPS

On Thursday the 31st of October it was Halloween. To celebrate we had a Halloween-a-thon with the preps and grade 1s. We had an obstacle course with lots of different activities to try. We competed in Halloween costumes.

May 24, 2016 - - 10
Second Grade Classroom Blog

We are having fun with science! We are approaching our lessons with STEM education in mind. The STEM approach integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our first fun exploration involved pompom poppers created using a yogurt container and balloon. We had fun making them and sending the pompoms all over the classroom.

May 24, 2016 - - 11
Mrs. Mooney's Class Blog - 1st Grade

We had a glorious day for our trip to the zoo, as you can see from photos and pictures. Special thanks to our parent volunteers! Personalize a free photo slideshow Students in Room 123 have been traveling back in time, learning about mapping and American history as they go.

May 24, 2016 - - 11
Mr. Geiman's Language Arts Class

Today is your last Monday in Fourth grade.  The year has gone fast and you all have grown so much. This week I would like to you reflect on your Fourth-grade year. Here are some questions I would like for you to answer, you may include your own questions as well.  Please be reflective and detailed in your responses.  Look back and read some of your earlier work.  Think about where you were at in your own life at the time you wrote that story.

Feb 21, 2017 - - 3
Cougar News Blog

Written by, and for, CCJH students

May 30, 2017 - - 2
Year 3/4 Students in Melbourne, Victoria

We are year 3/4 Students from Melbourne, Victoria..

May 30, 2017 - - 2
Mrs. Moore's Class Blog - 3rd Grade

3rd grade class blog

May 30, 2017 - - 1
Bloggin Frogs - 4th Grade

4th Grade Class in San Diego, CA