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GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award

This list is from 2012, but you can SAVE $50 on tickets to GSummit SF 2013 with code GAWARD2013 -- just visit Nominate and/or vote on your favorite greatest impact using gamification. Once nominated, users can vote on their favorites. We'll be announcing the awards at the Gamification Summit this June 19-21 in San Francisco. Email to receive a GSummit ticket discount code as a thank you for nominating and/or voting.

May 20, 2012 by Adena DeMonte - - 2590
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | @Badgeville - The Behavior Platform

Badgeville is the world's most deployed and versatile gamification platform, serving more than 3 billion API calls per month. Over 150 world-class businesses from around the globe rely on Badgeville to measure and influence user behavior. Customers include Oracle, EMC, Samsung, Universal Music, Deloitte, NBC, The Active Network, Recyclebank, oPower, Everyday Health, CA Technologies, eBay, Ford Escape Routes, and more. Badgeville offers the largest partner ecosystem including integrations with Bazaarvoice, Jive Software, Yammer, Janrain, Klout, Sharepoint, and The company is the only gamification solution which offers a true platform, enabling the ability for large businesses to track and reward behavior across multiple websites, mobile sites, and enterprise applications.

May 23, 2012 by Victor White - - 1831
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | @gigya Social Infrastructure for Business

Gigya’s mission is to socialize the rest of the web. We provide websites with a complete social infrastructure that creates immersive social experiences for users and provides unparalleled customer insights for businesses.

Gigya equips businesses like ABC, Pepsi and Verizon with a comprehensive solution to socialize their online properties. Our technology enables seamless registration with Social Login, increases traffic and time spent on-site via Social Plugins and Social Gamification and transforms marketing by leveraging permission-based social identity data.

Gigya works with more than 500 enterprises and touches more than one billion users per month. Our platform extracts the real value from social networks, empowering online businesses to attract, engage and understand users like never before.

May 14, 2012 by Mike Earhart - - 2119
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | @Bunchball

Bunchball invented gamification and launched the first gamified application with NBC in 2007. Bunchball’s cloud-based Nitro engine powers over 125 million users, and has tracked over 15 million actions to date. Bunchball was also first in the enterprise space, shipping gamification solutions on, Jive and IBM Connections.

May 09, 2012 by Robyn Kristy Hannah - - 1884
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | @PunchTab : Build Instant Loyalty | Free loyalty programs and rewards for websites, blogs, and mobile applications

PunchTab is an online incentives and rewards platform offering loyalty programs, giveaways and gamification solutions for bloggers, brands and ecommerce sites. Founded in 2010, reaching over 22 million users every month, PunchTab is now running on over 8,000 sites. If you're an agency with top clients or a brand who needs a boost when announcing a new product, launching a new website, throwing an event, or if you need to power a customized loyalty program, PunchTab has a solution for you.

May 22, 2012 by BigDoor Inc. - - 2197
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | @BigDoor: Gamified Loyalty and Rewards Programs

BigDoor’s gamified rewards platform enables online publishers to use gamification and rewards to increase user engagement, acquire and retain customers, and increase revenue based in Seattle, WA. BigDoor is the most widely used gamification platform with over 300 publishers using the solution to increase user engagement and monetization. In a fast-paced industry, the company has more than doubled in size within the last year.



May 31, 2012 by Mike Martoccia - - 2119
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | Kiip

With Kiip, you earn rewards just by playing your favorite games — and the more often you play, the more rewards you can earn.

May 17, 2012 by Brenda Nicole Tan - - 2223
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | @GameMaki - Your life is a game!

GameMaki is a white-label marketing platform for marketers to increase the engagement with real world challenges, such as “a photo of you wearing green to Starbucks” or “balance a can of coke on your head”.

Anyone can claim these fun, social challenges anytime, anywhere, for bragging rights, points and virtual items that can become discounts or giveaways. Coupled with game dynamics such as team plays and leader boards, these fun, social challenges not only enable consumers to interact with the brands, but also amongst each other. Available on web, mobile and facebook pages, GameMaki is the future of gamification marketing.

May 27, 2012 by Microtask - - 2118
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | Microtask

Distributed work, refined for your needs. Microtask enables seamless, real-time and scalable on-demand outsourcing. Our services are based on our proprietary software platform, which automatically splits work assignments into tiny pieces and distributes them to our digital workers around the world. Our first application area is document processing and data entry, which typically require large amounts of menial and repetitive work such as typing in forms, fixing scanning results and verifying data.

May 22, 2012 by yorapi - - 2014
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | yorAPI - Facebook Backend as a Service Platform

yorAPi Facebook and Mobile Back-end APi as a Service Instant Gamification API, Awards, Challenges, Gifts, Currencies and leaderboards made easy.

May 31, 2012 by Mike Martoccia - - 2067
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | Pug Pharm

A customer engagement engine which is a comprehensive, next-generation platform that captures and retains customers while eliminating loyalty backlash.

Jun 06, 2012 by Soroush Pour - - 2380
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | | Free Brokerage and Investment Education at the WealthLift Investor Community

Uses gamification and interactive education to effectively teach financial education topics including the fundamentals of the stock market, bonds, ETFs, hedge funds and more. Creating engaging financial education for the 21st Century.

May 31, 2012 by Mike Martoccia - - 2433
GAwards: Gamification Greatest Impact Award | Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit

Foldit is a puzzle game developed by Zoran Popovic and David Baker in an attempt to crowdsource protein design research. Players of Foldit must reconfigure protein structures in order to find the lowest energy configuration possible. The project has progressed from volunteers donating their computers’ spare processing power for protein-structure research, to actively predicting protein structures, and now to designing new proteins.