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#TalentNet Preview Questions: The Instant Impact of Instagram

f a picture is worth a thousand words, then Instagram equals insta-goodness for those of us tasked with recruitment marketing or culture creation. But what's worth sharing & what content actually can cause more harm than good when it comes to getting others to engage with your brand? Join us as we discuss why, when done correctly, Instagram can be something that keep your 'talent community' coming back for more so that you love having in your social recruitment program, too.

Source: http://www.focus.com/roundtables/instagram-social-hr-and-recruiting/

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  1. Question 1: Why Instagram?

    Q1. Why would it benefit Recruitment Marketers to using @Instagram to share their brand story in a sea of social sharing options? #TalentNet

  2. Question 2: Best Practices & Common Mistakes

    Q2. What are some best practices & common mistakes to avoid when using #Instagram for recruitment & branding purposes? #TalentNet

  3. Question 3: Recruiting with Instagram

    Q3. Can Instagram be used for recruiting candidates - by recruiters and not just the recruitment marketing pros? #TalentNet

  4. Question 4: Getting Others Involved

    Q4. What are ways to get your social &/or talent communities involved with your instagram account? #TalentNet

  5. Question 5: Instagram & Recruiting Metrics

    Q5. What sort of metrics should be measured with Instagram to gauge ROI & what's the social proof of success? #TalentNet