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#TalentNet Radio: The Interest Behind Pinterest in Recruiting

Recruiting + Social Media = Pinterest? For many socially-oriented recruiters, that indeed is the equation for recruiting greatness. The question is not IF Pinterest can be used in recruiting & recruitment marketing - of course it can. The questions that the #TalentNet team will be addressing, along with our special guest, is why in a sea of platforms, do we want to look at Pinterest to begin with? Once addressed, we'll look at ways to take advantage of the potential that Pinterest provides.

Source: http://www.focus.com/roundtables/whats-behind-interest-pinterest-recruiting/

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  1. Pondering Pinterest's Recruiting Fit

    Question 1: How does Pinterest fit into the larger social recruiting picture?

  2. Pinteresting Benefits

    Q2. What are some of the biggest benefits of using Pinterest for recruiting?

  3. Pinterest Perception Misses

    Q3. What are some of the biggest myths or misconceptions about Pinterest?

  4. Should Pinterest Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy? « The Outbrain Blog

    Q4. What advice do you have for organizations just starting out building a Pinterest strategy?

  5. Best Pinterest Content

    Q5. What kinds of content work best on Pinterest? What are some of the biggest mistakes?

  6. #TalentNet Preview Post: The Interest in Pinterest Recruiting

    Here's the link to the full preview post! :)