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MRK634 Study resource

some study resources for MRK 634

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  1. Brand Monitoring and Online Reputation Managemen

    Brand Monitoring/Online Reputation

  2. E-Mail Marketing

    Created by: Samaira Iqbal

  3. Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

  4. Social Media Dashboards Presentation

    Social Media Dashboards

  5. Social Media Dashboards

    Social Media Dashboards Electronically-Shareable Video for MRK634 - Digital Media Driving Business at Seneca College. Song: Beautiful Day (Instrumental) - U2

  6. online influence presentation

    online influence

  7. online influence

    online influence presentation again

  8. Mobile Photo Sharing

    Mobile Photo Sharing presentation

  9. Online Advertising

    online advertising

  10. online advertising

    online advertising presentation

  11. Online Advertising - Sharable Content MRK634

    Video explaining online advertising, that also provides 10 resources to help a business get started with online advertising.

  12. a little bit about online advertising

    it's all about lifestyle and mixing it up 8)

  13. Delicious.com - [Social Bookmarking]

    What Is Social Bookmarking?
    (Click the arrow below for a transcript of my presentation)
    Social bookmarking is a method of saving webpages on the internet to a social platf

  14. social bookmarking

    social bookmarking presentation

  15. a little something about blogging

  16. MRK634Blogging

    Blogging for Marketing

  17. Location Marketing

    location based marketing

  18. video sharing

    video sharing

  19. Photo Sharing - a set on Flickr

    A brief introduction to Photo Sharing for MRK634 students at Seneca College.

  20. LinkedIN

    LinkedIN presentation

  21. Linkedin

    Victoria Ferrante & Julia Horvath

  22. Google + by Sid Gunner on Prezi

    The social media presentation on Google Plus by Sidney Mendonca