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Startups: The Power of Saying No

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  1. The Power of No

    For the Hacker, no is a way of life. For the Hustler, its a learned effort.

    In startupland, which is full of Hackers and Hustlers, the Hacker spends their effort on excluding potential issues, features, product paths, partners, technologies, etc., while the Hustler focuses on including, well, everyone.

  2. Never say "no," but rarely say "yes." | A Smart Bear

    Everyone says small startups require focus. Say “no” to anything that distracts from your goal, your vision, your strategy, tempting though it is to explore all opportunities, hoping each time that this is the one that will catapult you from Mixergy listener to Mixergy interviewee.

  3. How Saying "No" Can Save Your Startup

    Sometimes, saying "no" is the wisest move you can make for your startup.