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Ten Things You'll Love About Listly

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  • Go Beyond Comments: Collecting and sharing our passions is the new norm. Listly helps curate lists of things people care about inside your blog posts. Sharing is shifting to live embeddable content, so you can share content, community and engagement across multiple blogs.

    Collect Your Thoughts: Lists add structure to life and your content. Lists organize friends, research and dreams. We socialize your lists so they become smarter and loved by many, not one.

  • Build your traffic: Unlike social networks, Listly drives traffic and visitors to cultivate engagmenet inside your blog posts. You can share links on Facebook and Twitter, but why give them the content?

    Stay in the know: With Listly, lists are informative, social and fun. Check off what you know and fill in your knowledge gaps. Lists make you and your audience smarter.

  • Amplify your brand: By embedding lists in your posts you amplify your exposure. Activity on these posts promotes your list on Listly's home page. Listly is a multiplier. Listly’s community is your community.

    Filter the noise: Suggestions help you fill in gaps and validate your thinking. Votes add priority and shares bring more eyeballs. Social Filtering scales your input and saves you time.

  • Integrate Social & SEO: Beyond pure SEO value, the living nature of crowd-sourced content keeps search engines coming back for more. Social sharing accumulates to give your content the highest possible ranking.

    Foster Community: Lists aren't just about the content. You'll love the list curators too. When people congregate around a topic, strong community bonds are formed. That’s when the real magic happens!

  • Shift to Live Content: Input from your community keeps your list fresh and living. Social activity brings your blog to life and prevents content rot. You can of course curate all suggestions.

    Get CrowdSmart: You'll love the crowd's ability to deepen your knowledge. You can connect directly with the people who share your passion and who contribute to your lists. Listly transforms crowds into community


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